[Nitro] [Og] RFC DBI and SQLRelay URI

Trans transfire at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 10:10:12 EST 2007

On Nov 8, 12:42 am, "Mark Van De Vyver" <mvy... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Devs,
> Would appreciate thoughts, discussion of the following issues.
> At the moment the proposed uri for the dbi adapter for the SQLStore is:
> "dbi-<vendor>://username:pass at localhost:9876/dbname#other-stuff"
> >From this details about the backend are parsed and added to the @options hash.
> We'd then have options
> :adapter => :dbi
> :dbd      => :<vendor>
> For non-dbi adapter cases @options[:adapter] and @options[:dbd]
> contain the same data.
> Now for the SQLRelay dbd we still need to know the backend the relay
> connects to, as well as that it is the sqlrelay dbd.
> Some options:
> A) have sqlrelay take the place of dbi in the uri, effectively meaning
> that the dbi is only used for sqlrelay mediated connections. The case
> for this is that there are already <vendor> adapters, and for example
> dbi-mysql doesn't (immediately) add anything (in terms of
> features/functionality).  Case against is that this makes it difficult
> to ever fully move all sql adapters to the DBI adapter.  Assuming that
> is every intended, here is where a roadmap would be handy.
> B) extend the uri to:   "dbi-sqlrelay-<vendor>://etc.".  This would
> introduce another configuration element: @options[:sqlrelay] =>
> :<vendor>.  There would also need to be some logic specific to the
> sqlrelay - but not too tricky.  In this case @options[:sqlrelay] would
> be nil unless @options[dbd] => :sqlrelay
> Thoughts, comments?
> I imagine B) would be the more popular/consensus choice?

Do you have write-up of what it is you're working on? I can't offer
any advice b/c I've not exactly sure what you are doing.


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