[Nitro] isTaggable bug

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Tue Nov 6 18:21:35 EST 2007

Actually, it's probably a generic many_to_many bug.

Problem also exists in trunk.

require 'og'
require 'sqlite3'

class Post
 attr_accessor :name, String
 is Taggable

 :adapter => 'sqlite',
 :name => 'tagtest',
 :destroy_schema => true,
 :create_schema => true
p.name = 'post1'
t1 = Tag.new
t1.name = 'tag1'
t2 = Tag.new
t2.name = 'tag2'

p.tags <<  t1
p.tags << t2

This exception thrown during save.  I expect it's likely to bring any 
blog sample application crashing early.  Not a good early impression!

Also of note -- notice printed for ogtag and ogpost, but none for 
ogj_post_tag.   But that's not important now :)

robert-melas-computer:~/projects/og rmela$ ruby tagtest.rb
INFO: Og uses the Sqlite store.
INFO: Dropped database 'tagtest'
INFO: Created table ogtag.
INFO: Created table ogpost.
`send': undefined method `remove' for [#<Tag:0x15bec48 @count=0, 
@name="tag1">]:Array (NoMethodError)
       from tagtest.rb:26
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