[Nitro] Nitro request handling overview

Arne Brasseur arne at arnebrasseur.net
Mon Nov 5 06:23:32 EST 2007

I figured this would come in handy for folks trying to get what's going 
on in Nitro, including myself.

A request comes in at a certain adapter (mongrel, fcgi, ...). 

The adapter creates a new Context object and fills it with whatever is 
in the request : parameters, cookies, and the QUERY_STRING

It calls handle_context (AdapterHandlerMixin raw/adapter.rb)

This calls dispath_context (Dispatcher raw/dispatcher.rb)

The Dispatcher consults the Router, determines the controller class, the 
name of the action 'super method', any parameters and the format.

The super method is named #{action}___super, this method calls the 
method #{action} and the action view method, which is basically the 
compiled form of the template : #{action}___#{format}___view.

This all is given back to the adapter. It sets 
Thread[:CURRENT_CONTROLLER] to the controller class, and creates a new 
Controller instance. It sends 'render_action' to the controller with the 
action 'super method' name and any parameters.

render_action is defined in the Render module which is mixed into 
controllers. It basically wraps the action rendering in some error 
handling. (raw/controller/render)

At this point the controller will receive the #{action}___super method. 
If it doesn't exist yet it will trigger method_missing in Publishable, 
which is mixed into controllers. (raw/controller/publishable).

Publishable will call on the Compiler to compile the necessary 
super/view methods and resend the message.

The super method is pretty much boiler plate. It calls the actual action 
method (the one you write yourself) and the #{action}___#{format}___view 
method. It also calls a 'before' and an 'after' hook in the current 
Format, and possibly caches the output at the end.

The view method is generated by locating the template (if any) and 
running it through the format's filter pipeline : 
format.filter_template(template_text). The result is ruby code which is 
plugged into the controller as the #{action}___#{format}___view method.


Arne Brasseur
arne at arnebrasseur.net

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