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Hi folk / Robert

On the small point of our general individual, "...fault as an engineer ...
[to] prematurely jumping to nuts-and-bolts" (when I am wear my s/w
engineer's hat) -- There are some pedagogical processes that can be
developed for these areas (wearing me adult training cap).

In the specific get me started in a new technically biased (as in lots of
technology) topic area, you begin with easily FAMILIAR subject matter and
analyse what's called the "training gap".

Software engineers can see this as a user analysis in preparation for
enumerating use cases.

Take a familar - To The User - Scenario and analyse what that person may not
possibly know.  Everything, assume nothing.

I believe the most efficient way to accomplish that task is to begin by
developing user profiles of that context and knowledge (assumed knowledge)
of each "user class".

That works.

The reason it works is because each role or user class' needs and knowledge
is written out and accounted for, they can be tracked.  When a tutorial or
training section is ready.  I can actually ask, "Did I get told in logical
order?" == Logical order, meaning each topic is presented one idea at a
time, and no new topic/idea is presented before the prerequisites are

While we may not need such detail, after all everyone knows what a database
is for don't they?  (Well actually no.  They might know what the name
means.)  It is like riding a bicycle -- Knowing the word and the machine, is
then same as riding it and "knowing it". *grin*

Profile helps others too -- at some point we'll want some marketing.
Profiles are the start of target market segmentation.  It also helps
internals and addon developers understand user requirements and design
paramerters for fixed and on-going change and development (see: "Marketing
Myopia", Levitte, 1960, Harvard Business Review).

You will find that different inductions will be needed to begin introduction
tutorials different user classes.

Give it a thought.  I believe a user profile main wiki page where people can
develop and refind each user class would be a great beginning.

Our general individual "...fault as an engineer ..[to] prematurely jumping
to nuts-and-bolts" becomes the advantage of engineering when we jump on the
"appropriate" productive "nuts-and-bolts" issues.  Here, I'm suggesting user
profiles for the new users are very useful!


On 04/11/2007, Robert Mela <rob at robmela.com> wrote:
> I would first ask what is it we want to produce.  In other words:
> 1) What topics need to be covered
> 3) A list of use cases and the format that serves each
> #1 would require input from George and Tom -- it would leverage their
> time really well.   This could start before documentation does.

My fault as an engineer is prematurely jumping to nuts-and-bolts
> "How".    This is a tangent -- but I'd love to see a design for reusable
> components that each format can built itself from -- e.g., a Topic
> class, with CodeExample, Synopsis, RelatedTopics.
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