[Nitro] Nitro/Facets 2.0.3: OgAdminController fails to mount

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Sat Nov 3 16:23:04 EDT 2007

When I run this against Nitro trunk the OgAdminController is mounted on 
/admin/og.     Running against the new branch OgAdminController doesn't 
get mounted.  My hunch is that part code needs more updates...

Example copied verbatim from bottom of 

( note: change 'nitro/part/admin' to 'part/admin' for the newest branch 
code )


#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'sqlite3'
require 'nitro_and_og'
include Nitro
require 'nitro/part/admin'

# Og model
class Book
  attr_accessor :title, String
  attr_accessor :author, String

# Controller
class Foo
  def index
    redirect_to '/admin' # redirect to Nitro admin scaffold

Og.create_schema = true
Og.use_uuid_primary_keys = true
Og.start( :name => "library", :adapter => :sqlite, :evolve_schema => 
:full )

app.dispatcher.root = Foo
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