[Nitro] Nitro/Og cheat sheet styles/ideas/levels....

Mark Van De Vyver mvyver at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 03:10:13 EDT 2007

Hi Devs,
One issues the following examples raise is what is the level the cheat
sheet is aimed at? 'Beginner howto cheat sheet' vs 'Reference cheat
Even if there is initially only be one, later there will liley be
more, so it seems worth thinking about nomenclature.
kicking this off with Og since that seems to be the first to be tackled:
Cheat sheets:
 - Og-howto
 - Og-reference

 Which of these cheat sheets are we starting on?

Existing examples/ideas
Some information packed (reference) cheat sheet examples (for ideas):

Some more 'graphical' ones (beginner/explaining ideas)

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