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Dan North tastapod at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 08:25:16 EDT 2007

I'm really excited about this. There is already a buzz inside ThoughtWorks
about this announcement. It would be great to see a genuine viable
alternative to the rails / active record world.

I see nitro having two significant advantages over rails:

* It is just so easy to use. I really do struggle to get my head around
rails. There is a surprising amount of hidden "tacit" knowledge required to
become effective with rails, given that it is supposed to be entirely
convention based. I describe it as the difference between struts and webwork
(for anyone from a Java background). Struts was ok, and was the framework
that made java a viable web technology, but webwork just feels nicer.
(Ironically, "struts 2" is actually webwork 2 - so they eventually worked
that out for themselves).

* I can write a web app that talks to a legacy database. Og gives me a full
ORM rather than requiring that I own the database. That opens up a whole
class of web apps that are simply not available to a stack constrained to an
active record pattern.

For my money (about $0.02), this would be my priority for getting nitro "out

- Documentation, documentation, documentation. It doesn't have to be clever
or comprehensive. Just a solid walk-through of creating an application. The
answers are mostly there amongst the original videos, the cheat sheets and
the tutorials. It just needs shaking down and presenting in a clear and
consistent way. I would choose some "typical" users  and target them.
Initially target an experienced ruby programmer writing their first web app
in nitro. Then something like a "nitro for rails developers" track.

- Stability. (Funny enough, less important to me than being able to write an
app in the first place.) I don't mind if it has rough edges as long as the
core stuff mostly works, and the mailing list is responsive to my stupidity.
It's pre-1.0 after all.


On 11/2/07, George Moschovitis <george.moschovitis at gmail.com> wrote:
> I would hereby like to announce my candidacy for the position of Nitro
> > Doc Wizard.
> >
> Thanks Arne,
> as I have already told you when we met, it is possible that I may be able
> to (financially) support more Nitro hackers in the near future.
> but I would like to see some contribution first (that was the case with
> Tom) not just complaints.
> hopefully, more people on this list could step in and support nitro
> hackers.
> regards,
> George.
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> http://me.gr
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> http://nitroproject.org
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