[Nitro] [Og] Og with Sequel

Mark Van De Vyver mvyver at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 18:46:51 EDT 2007

I'm still in the process of working on a DBI adapter.
One thing I'm currently working on is trying to leverage off Sequel's
"non-Model" code.
Primarily to get to the Sequel::Dataset functionality and any other
useful features I come across along the way.
I've contact Sharon Rosen and she seemed more than happy to have
Sequel used in more contexts.

I'm working my way through trying to get Sequel specs working, and
well as trying to implement  some of the other changes/issues
discussed on this list (mainly the lower level method naming - which
turns out to be fortuitous because otherwise there would have been
some name clashes with Sequel).
I'm making notes and would hope to get to a point where the relevant
sequel modules/classes can be dropped into Og with as little effort as

At the moment I'm keeping as much of the changes in the
"./adapter/dbi" area as possible.
Naturally some things are starting to 'leak' out, mainly related to
options handling and this I had to do to be able to write some focused

Anyway, I suppose I'm asking for some feedback on:
Does this idea (Og+ Sequel) resonate with the community?


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