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I want to help with number 3.  I should have more time post Dec 1st.


On 11/1/07, Trans <transfire at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am super happy to announce that thanks to George I am now a
> _professional (as in cold hard cash, baby)_ Nitro developer! From now
> on I will be heading up Nitro development along with George. My goal
> is to push Nitro into a high quality 1.0 release as quickly as
> possible. My priorities are:
> (1) Uber User Friendly.
> Basically I want to do something like:
>      $ gem install nitro
>      $ ntiro demo helloworld
> and
>      $ gem install nitro
>      $ nitro create ~/mynitroprojects/foofish
>      $ nitro start ~/mynitroprojects/foofish
> Without one single hickup.
> (2) "Like-Butter" Development
> I would like to get a central repo up. And create some firm standards
> for branching and tagging.
> Also, I want to improve the development toolset to make standard tasks
> very simple, get the repo in such nice-and-neat order it's freaky, and
> eventually have some automated tools that keep us all well informed on
> a regular basis.
> (3) Doc Wizard
> I want to find someone who's willing to contribute considerable effort
> to working on Nitro docs once we get passed the 0.50 release. I will
> help on this of course, but it would be best to find someone who can
> focus almost exclusively on this aspect of Nitro --this includes PR.
> We're looking at the Oxy, API Wiki, RDocs, the Website(s) and
> hopefully in the end the first published book. (Did you catch that, a
> BOOK! My job isn't complete until there's a BOOK.)
> (4) Ruby 1.9/JRuby support
> Around the end of the year I will start focusing on getting Nitro
> running smoothly on Ruby 1.9 and JRuby, we will also have a try at
> other VMs. YARV, Rubinius, IronRuby, etc.
> (5) Support George
> George is always pushing forward, so I'm going to bridge the gap
> between him and a stable Nitro framework. While I also help him with
> his more pressing needs, such as a new formhelper, admin part, etc.
> As always, please provide all and any suggestions you have to offer,
> and if you have time to put in some elbow greese, please let me know,
> and I will hook you up.
> In closing let me say, A VERY BIG THANKS TO GEORGE who has made this
> opportunity possible!
> T.
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