[Nitro] I, Nitro

Trans transfire at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 13:18:28 EDT 2007

I am super happy to announce that thanks to George I am now a
_professional (as in cold hard cash, baby)_ Nitro developer! From now
on I will be heading up Nitro development along with George. My goal
is to push Nitro into a high quality 1.0 release as quickly as
possible. My priorities are:

(1) Uber User Friendly.

Basically I want to do something like:

     $ gem install nitro
     $ ntiro demo helloworld


     $ gem install nitro
     $ nitro create ~/mynitroprojects/foofish
     $ nitro start ~/mynitroprojects/foofish

Without one single hickup.

(2) "Like-Butter" Development

I would like to get a central repo up. And create some firm standards
for branching and tagging.
Also, I want to improve the development toolset to make standard tasks
very simple, get the repo in such nice-and-neat order it's freaky, and
eventually have some automated tools that keep us all well informed on
a regular basis.

(3) Doc Wizard

I want to find someone who's willing to contribute considerable effort
to working on Nitro docs once we get passed the 0.50 release. I will
help on this of course, but it would be best to find someone who can
focus almost exclusively on this aspect of Nitro --this includes PR.
We're looking at the Oxy, API Wiki, RDocs, the Website(s) and
hopefully in the end the first published book. (Did you catch that, a
BOOK! My job isn't complete until there's a BOOK.)

(4) Ruby 1.9/JRuby support

Around the end of the year I will start focusing on getting Nitro
running smoothly on Ruby 1.9 and JRuby, we will also have a try at
other VMs. YARV, Rubinius, IronRuby, etc.

(5) Support George

George is always pushing forward, so I'm going to bridge the gap
between him and a stable Nitro framework. While I also help him with
his more pressing needs, such as a new formhelper, admin part, etc.

As always, please provide all and any suggestions you have to offer,
and if you have time to put in some elbow greese, please let me know,
and I will hook you up.

In closing let me say, A VERY BIG THANKS TO GEORGE who has made this
opportunity possible!


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