[Nitro] Plone

Trans transfire at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 12:40:46 EDT 2007

I've developed on Zope before. It's pretty cool. And I'm suprised it
never seemed to get the hype that Rails has -- I guess programmers
just don't know what to do without Vim. ;)

But I agree. There's a lot to like about the Python/Zope/Plone stack.
But I'm a Ruby programmer and not a Python programmer, so I look for
Ruby-based solutions.

And you know, the whole thing Chad Fowler said is a load of crap.
Should Burger King stop making burgers b/c McDs does basically the
same thing? Diversity is important. Without it nothing advances.

Personally I think Nitro has more potential then Rails strictly from a
techinicaly view point. We just need to get the other things in place.
Which bring me to....

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