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* William william.full.moon at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 10:08:01 EDT 2007

You can't really call it 0.95 because there hasn't been a stable long-term
release in the wild for more than six months.

So you will want to keep some numbers for the inevitable bug fixes until it
is stable.

You know lots of people can write software.  It takes a step up to make it
industry ready, robust and trusted.  The main skills I've seen notices are

   *  good processes,
   *  especially release control and integration testing
   *  stop adding new features.
   *  good solid regression testing

That's the engineering.  The production also requires

  *  Training and tutorials
  *  User documentation (not internals and definitely not rubyDocs)
  *  Solid internals documentation (which Oxy seems to have in hand)
  *  Robust reliable web site in the robust reliable stable version

PHP4 didn't do its website in PHP4 (they used PHP2 or maybe 3)

To be honest the competition here is not rails, its PLONE.

Which has conspired to achieve all those things and is no up to release 3 --
I runs fine and there's a large growing wild population in the rivers of the

These days I don marketing because lots of people can write code as well as
I can and better.  I'm just waped enough to have gone back to university to
discover why GREAT products and magic technologies don't make it out in to
the streams and rivers of the information aqua-sphere.

Yet you'll see the wackiest stuff get funding for development and a
promotions budget.

I'll keep speaking for good engineering processes -- It looks like things
are getting better.  I heartily recommend the SVN offer!!


On 01/11/2007, Robert Mela <rob at robmela.com> wrote:
> YEEHA!!!
> I would love to use Nitro professionally and would like to see enough
> momentum and community built up behind it to support that sort of
> recommendation.
> To that end....
> What's everyone thinking regarding the "PR" should occur surrounding the
> release of 0.50?  And why not call it 0.95?
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