[Nitro] [PATCH] IfMorpher

Arne Brasseur arne at arnebrasseur.net
Sat Jun 30 09:50:40 EDT 2007

Apparently this got messed up somewhere between 0.42 and the current 

What's worse, several other morphers are simply no longer present. Try 
this for instance:

  <div unless="true">
   Unless is not working.

This used to be handled by IfMorpher, but no longer, and looking at the 
new code it's not immediately clear to me how IfMorpher should be able 
to handle this.

Related, in 0.42 one could easily alter the compiler pipeline per 
controller or per method, now the pipeline seems to be fixed per format 


Sat Jun 30 12:02:13 CEST 2007  Arne Brasseur <arne at arnebrasseur.net>
  * Fixed IfMorpher, def self.key;"each";end -> def self.key;"if";end

Arne Brasseur
arne at arnebrasseur.net

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