[Nitro] new spec pager: green, controller aspects red

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Fri Jun 29 04:13:36 EDT 2007


> > "Yes, my Lord" (warcraft 1 quote)
> >
> > Arne, what'cha think of my mocks?  And, thanks for converting those
> > two.  ^_^
> >   
> I _really_ like them. Looks like you've been doing the read -> think -> 
> code cycle. Great stuff!

I'm exploring rspec a little, I'm more convinced now that this is the
way to go instead of Test::Unit.  I still don't like the verbosity
of having to 'write in human language', but the featureset is just
very nice to have and the error reporting via mocks is just sweet.

I also like the :shared specs, they make it easy to test the behaviour
of things differing only in their setup.
I want to employ that next with caches, which was always a problem-
child in regard to re-use of tcs...


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