[Nitro] new spec pager: green, controller aspects red

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Thu Jun 28 15:41:37 EDT 2007


George, I don't understand enough of Nitro dispatching and aspects
to make the controller aspects work.  I gave it a shot, had to give
up after an hour.

I revised the Pager a little, it now doesn't depend on Og anymore,
if Og is not loaded, specs now are three-fold, array/og-collection/
og-classes are tested seperately.

> Should you feel bored, I converted two more tests to specs, just the  
> dumb-ass conversion. I pushed them to my repo. If you could pull,  
> verify, maybe make them run and all of that, and then send to G...

> Great, I knew I could count on you ;D
> Arne

"Yes, my Lord" (warcraft 1 quote)

Arne, what'cha think of my mocks?  And, thanks for converting those
two.  ^_^


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