[Nitro] Patch review

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Thu Jun 28 11:53:12 EDT 2007


> I would prefer that there be a single default, and would like to see how
> one can change that in their config or app.rb code.

yes, that is what I meant to say.  :)

> A nice example might be to show how one could load templates from one or
> another directory to serve up localized content.  Perhaps read the
> sub-domain from the request URL and use that to pull templates in a a
> particular language:
>     gr.foo.com -> Template.root = localized/gr/template

That is a quite interesting idea, thank you for that!

With current Nitro that'd probably not be possible, as template roots are
quite static, meaning they can't really change as it's not thread safe.
That idea would somehow have to hook up in the template-resolving, that
could then could even decide on the requested http_accept_language,
resolving to localized/<lang>/template....  I quite like the idea,
though not sure what to make of it right now.  :)


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