[Nitro] Updated blog example

Thomas Leitner t_leitner at gmx.at
Wed Jun 27 04:45:18 EDT 2007

On 26.06.2007, at 22:49, Arne Brasseur wrote:
> George Moschovitis schreef:
>> Dear devs,
>> I think I have fixed the WSOD problem in the blog example. Please  
>> pull
>> and verify.
> I did this :
> did a fresh
> darcs get http://repo.nitroproject.org
> added
> require "../../script/lib/glycerin"
> to the beginning of app.rb
> in conf/debug.rb
> switched :mysql to :sqlite
> switched :mongrel to :webrick
> cd'ed to examples/blog and issued
> ruby ../../nitro/bin/nitro

Yep, this also works for me. Thanks for the guide to get the example  
running! And George: Very nice job indeed!!

Just one thing I want to mention: I have the following bash function  
defined in .bashrc to help execute the blog example:

   function nitro-devel {
     export RUBYOPT="-rubygems -I~/work/nitro/script/lib -rglycerin"
     cd ~/work/nitro

This allows me to do:

   cd ~/work/nitro/examples/blog
   ruby app.rb

and the blog example will work without adding the glycerin line in  
app.rb. Just a little convenience ;-)

-- Thomas

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