[Nitro] Plugins in Nitro

Thiago Jackiw tjackiw at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 18:04:20 EDT 2007

First of all, kudos to George and his contributors for creating such
an amazing project.

I have been with ruby on rails for almost 2 years now, have published
a few plugins and deployed a few sites on my own. I've started playing
with Nitro a few weeks ago and was impressed by its features and
easiness of use.

I'm the current developer of the acts_as_solr plugin for rails
(http://acts-as-solr.railsfreaks.com) and was wondering if there's any
interest in possibly having a nitro version of my plugin(s), even
though I couldn't find plugin support for nitro yet.


Thiago Jackiw
acts_as_solr => http://acts-as-solr.railsfreaks.com

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