[Nitro] Blog post of the month!

Arne Brasseur arne at arnebrasseur.net
Mon Jun 25 15:36:18 EDT 2007

Jonathan Buch schreef:
> Hi,
>>> http://www.arnebrasseur.net/2007/06/25/nitro-update/en/
>>> ain't it nice.  :P
>> This really isn't necessary :)
> George, can you add that to your nitro planet?  And how about
> my idea of making it feed enabled.  :)
> Jo
George, as you asked these are the relevant feeds


but if you could make phidz feed-enabled that would be greatly 
appreciated. I hold the view that a blog without a feed doesn't count as 
a blog, I believe the same should go for blog planets.


Arne Brasseur
arne at arnebrasseur.net

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