[Nitro] blog example - template rendering issues

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Mon Jun 25 15:18:21 EDT 2007


  INFO: Starting Webrick adapter on
  INFO: Press Ctrl-C to shutdown; Run with --help for options.
DEBUG: Compiling 'index' super-method
DEBUG: SELECT * FROM ogpost ORDER BY create_time DESC
DEBUG: Compiling 'index' view sub-method [format: html]
DEBUG: Cannot respond to '/favicon.ico' using the 'ico' format representation.

[22:13]  <Kashia> DEBUG: Og manageable classes: [Category, Comment, Tag, Post]
[22:13]  <Kashia> anyway, that's what I'm getting, you should too
[22:14]  <arne_b> yeah now I get a whole bunch of debug output
[22:14]  <arne_b> and no errors , but still WSOD

so, still WSOD, and there are no 'errors' (except that weird respond to).
George, anything special you're doing?  Are you using the `nitro`
command, any special gems installed, are you using the same repo as we
do, anything else you can think of which could be different?


Feel the love

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