[Nitro] Bug in nitro's application.rb

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Sun Jun 24 10:33:25 EDT 2007

George Moschovitis wrote:
>     George, could you have a look at this?  If the rendering/
>     compiling is broken, it might've been due to my recent
>     'adventures' into the innards of Nitro (at the place we
>     talked about on irc).
> It works for me. But then again I am not using glycerin.rb. Perhaps 
> there is a gem dependency missing and Nitro does not report this :( Let 
> me investigate this a bit.

I think that setup(app) (e.g. defined in conf/debug.rb) is not getting 
called, or not called when it should.

With a bit of explicit  loading  debug.rb, and explicit invocation of 
setup(app), Og finds the models and prepares them (I was getting method 
missing errors on 'ogmanager' when trying to manipulate them).

Also, I had to mod/add these lines in app.rb:

   require "nitro/part/admin" # was 'part/admin'
   require "nitro/mailer" # wasn't being loaded at all

(I would have made patches, but I've been hacking about with semi-random 
code changes while waiting for the caffeine to kick in.  The patches 
would have been evil.)


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