[Nitro] Bug in nitro's application.rb

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 19:59:39 EDT 2007

The blog example in the darcs repo is failing on me.  I had to make 
assorted small changes in order to get it to load the right versions of 
files. The glycerin script hack only partly worked; there were 
complaints about a wrong version of facets getting loaded (which, I 
think, is a reason to include all the needed libs with the example and 
ensure that the exact files get loaded.  Or else stop referring to an 
explicit version of facets in some of the code, when the code cannot 
guarantee the load order of gems in the numerous files referring to facets)

Anyway, the real issue is that application.rb is checking to see if 
Og.manager is defined before using it.  When I run the blog example, 
Og.manager is defined, but it's defined as nil, so the code fails when 
trying to enumerate the models.

     if defined? :Og and defined? Og.manager
       require "raw/model/enchant"
       for m in Og.manager.models
         m.send(:include, Enchant)

So, "defined? Og.manager" is insufficient.

James Britt

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