[Nitro] Maybe I'm cranky ... (Re: blog example)

James Britt james.britt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 19:01:12 EDT 2007

Jonathan Buch wrote:
> Hi,
>> Since I wanted to run the example against the repo, and not my Nitro gem
>> installation, I skipped calling 'rubygems'.  However, that means none of
>> the assorted dependencies get loaded.
> here's how you do that:
> require "path/to/nitro/script/glycerin.rb" # this will set up nitro paths.
> require "rubygems"
> require "nitro"
> This will load nitro from the repo, and the rest from Rubygems.

Thank you; that seems to work.

I say "seems" because I get the same error running the blog example as I 
did with my own path and lib hacks.

DEBUG: Compiling 'index' super-method
ERROR: Error while handling '/'
ERROR: undefined local variable or method `ogmanager' for Post:Class

I changed the code to use sqlite3 instead of mysql;  don't think that 
would cause this error though.

James Britt

"Every object obscures another object."
    - Luis Bunuel

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