[Nitro] script/ vs helper/ vs script/helper

arne at arnebrasseur.net arne at arnebrasseur.net
Fri Jun 22 06:12:39 EDT 2007

> i don't like the name helper... btw, will the script  directory dissapear?

That would depend, right now I don't see compelling reasons to keep a
script dir, since all script functionality has moved to rake. But it's
just a name, we could keep script/ and put what's now in script/helper
into script/ or script/spec.

I think you're to decide, I'm just proposing stuff based on my
observations. I think it would be an improvement, but I can live with the
current situation or a compromise.

What is it exactly you dislike about 'helper'? it seems to be in common
usage for this kind of stuff.


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