[Nitro] script/ vs helper/ vs script/helper

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Thu Jun 21 15:09:37 EDT 2007


> It's been a bit busy over here but I see Jo and G have been doing nice
> stuff, way to go!
> I would like to propose some more source tree layout changes, let me
> elaborate:

I like your ideas, you have green light from me to do whatever structural
enhancement in that area.

> Additional rspec helper stuff could go in there, e.g. I wrote a custom
> Rspec::Matcher

Speaking of custom RSpec stuff.  I once made this _huge_ tc_params.rb,
(which I hope you will convert ;) ), and used special assert_..() functions
for that to minimize the work.
Are such 'custom' things possible in RSpect too?

> I can imagine people feeling strong about this so shoot!

Not all too strong, as my sense for overall structure is sometimes a little
'skewed'.  ;)  But like I said, I like how you think.  :)

> who does some more test2spec in the meantime

good!  :P


Feel the love

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