[Nitro] Og spec status:

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Sun Jun 17 11:56:03 EDT 2007

Hi (George),

 from IRC to keep you up to date:

[18:43]  <arne_b> when all tests are converted we should do code coverage testing
[18:43]  <arne_b> IMHO, of course
[18:46]  <Kashia> code coverage?  we could run that, but that won't go into 0.50 :P
[18:47]  <arne_b> how do you mean?
[18:47]  <Kashia> well, I just want to push that release as soon as possible, even when not every spot is tested :)
[18:48]  <arne_b> I agree we need to push it ASAP, but I'm sure there are still plenty of minor bugs in there, not nice for a major-number release
[18:49]  <Kashia> mh, yes..
[18:50]  <arne_b> I'd rather push a release candidate and encourage people to give it a try
[18:50]  <arne_b> create some anticipation :)
[18:51]  <Kashia> yes, that is a good idea :)
[18:51]  <Kashia> let's make it 0.49 then :)
[18:51]  <arne_b> or 0.50rc1
[18:51]  <arne_b> but 0.49 is also fine


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