[Nitro] Newbie Impressions

arne at arnebrasseur.net arne at arnebrasseur.net
Wed Jun 13 06:16:52 EDT 2007

> Hearing that there have been docs that are now outdated/removed, it
> seems like unit tests to keep the docs working might be more important
> than the actual docs.  It would at least be a very large plus, as it
> force the docs to keep working...

You may be right, I don't have much experience with unit-testing web
stuff, but I'll look at the existing tests to get some inspiration.

I'm starting to see some duplicate effort here. The docs would partially
overlap with the rDoc, and included tests/specs would overlap with the
tests already in Nitro. Since converting tests to specs is on the to-do
list perhaps this could be looked at together with documenting stuff.
Tests are after all a form of executable documentation.

I think we need some more brainstorming on how
-formal docs, possibly with tests
should relate to each other. I believe all three have their place, but
some coordination would be required.

For example: first write rSpec and contribute, then write doc and refer to
the spec with filename and revision number.

Other thoughts?


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