[Nitro] Newbie Impressions

arne at arnebrasseur.net arne at arnebrasseur.net
Wed Jun 13 04:48:25 EDT 2007

> I will bring back the wiki. I am not sure though, should I make the wiki
> writeable by everyone? or give write access only to selected members of
> the
> community.

My very personal opion is that a wiki should be public, but make sure you
have decent spam protection. A wiki is a real community tool, and
especially great for cookbook style recipes, tutorials, howtos.

For real docs/manuals (again IMHO) a more structured and controlled
approach would be better, but we could start out on the wiki.

A good thing with text files+markup is that they are output agnostic. You
can bundle them with the source, generate a web site, a pdf, a CHM
(windows help file), etc.


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