[Nitro] Newbie Impressions

* William william.full.moon at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 01:41:31 EDT 2007

Hey that's cool.

Everytime something for "start here" gets done, the product upgrades and
things become out of place.  Or we loose the wiki and can't update material
to keep "close to -works-as-coded- descriptions"  :-D

I like the proposal -- there are sites like this that provide on-line
document management, etc.  There needs to be a documentation review process
with checks and balances, and stable location/support -- *At least* for
starter material.

I responded mostly because the key here is that for a fancy product like
NITRO, the "get started" body of work should be very simple.

There are old articles on getting a start with Ruby on Rails about.  The
most 'famous' is probably the one on O'Reily -- it has only been updated
once, in a big way.

I feel that people get too excited by the cool stuff and forget about the
new person who know nothing.  That person only needs the basics -- Just like
Georges video -- What has happened to the replacement video??

It is all good work -- please continue.

For something really cool what about a Nitro 3-D plastic models module ...
See here:

  * http://www.marksman.com.au/

The coolest thing so far (apart from Nitro).

... Will.

On 13/06/07, Arne Brasseur <arne at arnebrasseur.net> wrote:
> Jonathan Buch schreef:
> > Hi,
> >
> > [18:10]  <ekim\> Is there some kind of "getting started" guide for nitro
> > [18:10]  <ekim\> the documentation seems to be very sparse
> > [18:11]  <Jo[work]> yes, docs are sparse and often outdated, which is
> sad
> > ;/
> > [18:11]  <Jo[work]> have you seen http://oxyliquit.de/ ?
> > [18:11]  <ekim\> are you just suppoed to "Know"
> >
> This is definitely a sore point for Nitro. I would like to help to
> create some sort of manual by the time 0.5.0 is released (which probably
> won't be tomorrow anyway). I'm still quite new to Nitro but I try to
> regularly read some source and try to make some notes as I go along.
> Jo and I talked about it a bit on IRC and he pointed out the Django docs
> (http://www.djangoproject.com/documentation/). We could follow a similar
> structure with a step-by-step guide for newbies followed by a complete
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