[Nitro] Newbie Impressions

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Jun 12 11:46:26 EDT 2007


[18:10]  <ekim\> Is there some kind of "getting started" guide for nitro
[18:10]  <ekim\> the documentation seems to be very sparse
[18:11]  <Jo[work]> yes, docs are sparse and often outdated, which is sad  
[18:11]  <Jo[work]> have you seen http://oxyliquit.de/ ?
[18:11]  <ekim\> are you just suppoed to "Know"
[18:11]  <ekim\> Yeah
[18:11]  <ekim\> But it doesnt help me
[18:11]  <ekim\> where do I start ?
[18:11]  <Jo[work]> ok, have you seen the screencasts?
[18:11]  <ekim\> Yeah...
[18:11]  <ekim\> But it still doesnt explain anything
[18:11]  <ekim\> its just a guy recording himself typing
[18:12]  <Jo[work]> well, it's "just like that"
[18:12]  <Jo[work]> look at Nitro how you look at ruby
[18:12]  <ekim\> I know... :(
[18:12]  <ekim\> Im a ruby noob too

[18:35]  <ekim\> Do you have any idea when the new nitro site is gonna be  
[18:35]  <Jo[work]> allright, so, now, do you get to see the /input page?
[18:36]  <Jo[work]> new nitro site?  I haven't heard anything about that
[18:36]  <ekim\> No I mean when is he gonna finish the current one
[18:37]  <ekim\> everything on it is a dummy link


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