[Nitro] Nitro/Rails interoperability

Robert Mela rob at robmela.com
Mon Jun 11 08:16:03 EDT 2007

It's occurred to me that Nitro could have a role as release valve for 
overworked Nitro applications.   I'm considering taking on an assignment 
where that's one of the first options I'd try -- offloading a very 
simple but time consuming piece from Rails onto a separate Nitro server.

Jonathan answered the first of my questions in that area by showing me 
how Og can be used with legacy tables.

Other pieces I imagine would be some adapters that let Nitro read and 
write to Rails' session and request objects, and generate URIs that work 
well with Rails back-ends.

I think most people would see it as a low-risk experiment to offload 
certain simple tasks from Rails to Nitro.  In the context of a situation 
where scalability issues are a significant time drain, there is strong 
incentive for applying a Nitro solution.  Rails folk are already talking 
about Scala and Lift.   Nitro offers the advantage of leveraging 
existing Ruby skills and infrastructure.


Assume a Typo blog with growing traffic requiring multiple Typo 
processes.    Nitro could be used to read Typo's schema and display most 
pages.    This is considerably easier to do than reimplementing *all* of 
the Typo functionality.   Since blog administration is low traffic, a 
single Typo process could handle all the admin, and all or most of the 
remaining typo processes could be replaced by a single Nitro process.

There are other cases where the offloaded tasks are even simpler -- 
e.g., a page that gathers a number of resources from elsewhere (e.g., 
retrieving several dozen images from a database ).    Rails could 
continue to generate the overall page, but pass image retrieval URLs to 
a Nitro server

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