[Nitro] George: First Class Swiftiply Support?

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Jun 5 14:37:28 EDT 2007


this is just a reminder, please decide on this matter.  :)

[21:22]  <wyhaines> swiftiply is easy.  The Mongrel support already  
exists.  The only real issue is that when one uses Nitro's builtin support  
for spawning multiple processes, it's behavior needs to change slightly  
when using it with Swiftiply.  It has to spawn them all against the same  
port, instead of different port numbers.
[21:24]  <wyhaines> I can write the patches.  No big deal.  But do you  
want me to give them to you, to include it directly in Nitro, or do you  
want it to be an add-on.  A swiftiply_nitro executable that requires the  
[21:25]  <Jo[work]> wyhaines, this is defined in nitro/bin/nitro
[21:25]  <Jo[work]> http://pastie.caboo.se/68011
[21:25]  <Jo[work]> exec_application(f, i + 1) here  (second argument)  
increments the port
[21:26]  <Jo[work]> so, this being a bin which gets installed... I dunno  
how that can be 'patched'
[21:27]  <Jo[work]> argh... this uses kill -9 in there
[21:28]  <wyhaines> I'd include a swiftiply_nitro executable.  It'd  
basically just load the regular nitro executable, then require the patch.
[21:29]  <Jo[work]> that sounds ok :)
[21:29]  <Jo[work]> thank you for caring enough about Nitro to do this ^_^
[21:30]  <wyhaines> But it'd be nicer if there could just be a flag or an  
environment variable aware bit of code right in Nitro that gives it first  
class swiftiply support.  I just need George to let me know which way he  
wants it to go.

So, basically we could create a `if $SWIFTIPLY` and require the
swiftiplied mongrel version from swiftiply and on the same we
could disable the port incrementing I mentioned there above.

This would be the 'first class support', second class would be
Haines creating his own binary for us and installing that when
one installs swiftiply.


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