[Nitro] George: annotation :text_key

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Jun 5 04:16:19 EDT 2007


> thanks for pointing out these problems. Can you suggest a better  
> solution or do you suggest that I remove this feature from the
> public version of Og altogether?

I'm actually not sure, I just wanted to bring this to attention
before a greater audience.  :)
I know not many will care either way, but I love to be proven wrong
and greater exposure is always good.  :P

I pondered this, and see no better solution, I guess this is as
good as it gets.

I myself always use 'adapted' Og repos, so either way is good for
me, but other people aren't as source crawling as I am and might
actually like that :key feature, or would love to have that extra
little bit of speed by removing the ann call.
So, anyone care enough to jump in and say something?


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