[Nitro] Request for Transaction example

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Jun 5 01:26:38 EDT 2007


> It still appears to be committing on each save -- if all records were in
> a single transaction, no rows should be present until the final commit
> -- correct????
> yet...

that I don't know, have you watched the sql output?  That's the best
way to make sure everything's alright.  `$DBG = true` somewhere above
Og.start will do.  With 32k entries it'll be a little messy, but you
can redirect your output to a file I guess.  :)
So, the first sql statement (after starting up Og) should be a begin

There's all kinds of transaction 'levels', read
for more information.  It says 'read committed' is the standard level,
but it might be uncommitted for you, if you can select stuff while
transaction is still in progress.

But, if there's no TRANSACTION at the beginning, then there's something
wrong within Og.


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