[Nitro] George: annotation :text_key

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Mon Jun 4 16:23:49 EDT 2007

Hi George,

sorry for destroying your text keys last time.  :P

def load(pk)
   if (key = ann(:self, :text_key)) && pk.to_i == 0 && (pk !~ /\S{22}/)

I think however that there might be potential problems which could
confuse unknowing users.

* any pk with more than 22 consecutive non witespace chars + text key
   (that regex should really be /\A\S{22}$\z/ if at all)
* Tag['1.41']
   meaning the to_i is potentionally shadowing some values and will raise
   a not meaningful DB error (string not applicapable for integer column)
   and at seemingly 'random' values.
* OgKlass[request['oid']]
   meaning a string could be passed from someone who doesn't know, which
   all satisfies that, but still is wrong because the primary key of
   OgKlass is a text key itself, maybe containing "0 Cool".

This is the three ways I think this method could go wrong (besides it
using 'unnecessary' annotations).

But then, this is only theoretically, as this is is a toally undocumented
feature which only can be found by RTFS'ing and is solely used in
Taggable (and even there undocumented).

So I guess this has its point, as it's only used by a single person
who knows what he's doing.  ;)


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