[Nitro] Request for Transaction example

Reid Thompson Reid.Thompson at ateb.com
Mon Jun 4 14:52:00 EDT 2007

For a simple example's sake, assume i have a file in which space
delimited data correlates to an Og table.  The file has +2 Million rows.

How do I setup a transaction to handle the entire file?

I tried something like below, but I think it is committing on every
line, rather all as a transaction... ( Postgresql ).

db = Og.setup(og_psql)

store = db.get_store
myfile = File.open("/home/rthompso/reid")
myfile.each_line {|line|
    date, ts, type, telno,t2, location, calltype, fa, fn, result = line.split(' ')
    tbl = Loadtbl.new
    tbl.date = date
    tbl.ts = ts
    tbl.type = type
    tbl.telno = telno + t2
    tbl.location = location
    tbl.calltype = calltype
    tbl.fa = fa
    tbl.fn = fn
    tbl.result = result


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