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Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Wed Jul 25 06:15:31 EDT 2007


> I mentioned this before on IRC, but I'll say it again for the world to
> hear. Once all the tests run I would really like it if patches would get
> rejected automatically if they make the tests fail. They call it
> continuous integration IIRC, and I'd be surprised if darcs didn't have a
> hook for that.
> One could also set up a seperate machine that runs the tests after each
> new patch, and unpulls if it makes the tests fail.
> Is it conceivable this would ever happen to the Nitro repo?

yes, darcs has support for test hooks.  This will only allow `darcs record`
if all the tests succeed.

It's rather easy to do:

$ cat _darcs/prefs/prefs
test rake test

That ensures for yourself that you're not sending faulty patches.
Continuous testing has to be done elsewhere.  (cron job on Gs computer?)

Soo.. that said, for me testing whole Nitro/Og takes around 15 minutes,
which is why I'd avoid doing that, it makes me cringe, walk away, hit
my head against a wall and is generally so unpleasent that I rather
make no patches at all.  Despite that, I do think that it is a good
idea to not make/allow faulty patches...


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