[Nitro] Markup spec

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Wed Jul 25 04:19:07 EDT 2007


> I have been following the conversations -- Love what I see, I trust I'll  
> get some time to play later this quarter.

that's great.  :)

> I have a comment on these recurrent "test" errors and "regression" errors
> I've seen.  This was sparked by a similar conversation on total quality
> management and that other TLA (three letter acronym) that Ruby folk love:
>     DRY

I really like your idea, but there is a _big_ hinderance for me there.  :)
Time.  Even the current startup is sub-optimal, with tests there'd have
to be a 'do test' switch which enables testing for those who do want to
run those.
Nitro/Og tests take around 15 minutes for me to run, I'd be crazy to
enable this.

IMO there isn't so much duplication going on in the tests as simply 'usage'
of facilities (at least in Og).  I don't have a recipe on how to make that
best, if I had a supercomputer at home I'd probably have that enabled
all the time and all would be well, but as I don't... :P

So, if people (I include myself here) would always test when they were
fiddling with something and before recording a patch, all would be in a
much better state.  This needs concentration of course.  :P
This goes of course most to George as he's simply the most productive
patcher, and I've just been patching Og tests/specs for years now.  :P

I'm not sure if integrated tests are so much better, that'd mean having
even bigger files, which is already a slight problem, and tests sometimes
can't be mapped to a single file (as with Og sql.rb).


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