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Hi gang ...

I have been following the conversations -- Love what I see, I trust I'll get
some time to play later this quarter.

I have a comment on these recurrent "test" errors and "regression" errors
I've seen.  This was sparked by a similar conversation on total quality
management and that other TLA (three letter acronym) that Ruby folk love:


    Do-not  Repeat Yourself

Testing seems (to me) to be the first place to Not Repeat.  

I am aware we have a test harness, etc.  One thing that I've always thought
is that the OO paradigm si a fertile ground for "responsible objects" --
Objects that take it upon themselves to sign a "pledge of personal

I will avoid an essay -- I'll just make one (stress possible) possible
example for this.

Take the idea below ... (see Example-A, end)

When the class loads, it does the equivalent of a "Bootstrap self-test".  If
your PC and server's BIOS can benefit from this, why not our classes??!

There would be very few regression errors with an effective "self-check"

Give it some thought guys!

       ... Will

==============[ example A ]=========

    Class MyExample
	# all done -- establish "integrity"

      def self_test_me( )
         #-- test some class stuff
         #-- test instance stuff
           test = new MyExample

      end #self_test_me  _____________


    end #_ MyExample __.__.__.__.__.__.__.__.__

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I found a minute to merge the markup spec and markup testcase.

One test fails.

     # FIXME : This test is converted from TC, it fails
     #         The call to expand simply strips the html
     #         returning "Hello World!"
     #         Either fix the code or fix the spec

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