[Nitro] Markup spec

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Tue Jul 24 02:05:41 EDT 2007


> I found a minute to merge the markup spec and markup testcase.

yaaay!  ^_^  There should be more people visiting me on IRC, it
is the best place for me to encourage people to do work for me.  ;)

> One test fails.

Will have a look.

> There are 17 tc's left that need to be converted :

Now, that doesn't sound all too bad (except the params tc *g*).

> I included the filesize just in case (you never know) anybody likes to
> join he/she can get a feel of how much work each file is.

Yes, even if I feel my plea is futile, but please, step up and help Arne
to convert the last tcs.  :P

I'll do a few test runs on Og this weekend, to make a better green/red
ratio there too, now that I finally got George to really take a look
at Aspects (on IRC btw) (by constantly nagging him :P), things can go
forward again.  :)

Btw, G, why is the aspect initialization within Nitro, if it's Og specific?
If it's Og specific (it is protected by a defined?(Og) anyway), why
isn't it in Og?  Can it just go to Og.setup?  It essentially breaks Og
if you don't use Nitro, which is _bad_.

> As soon as a spec runs it's ok, better if you can make it pass, but if
> you're not sure how to make it pass simply leave it like that. Jo will
> gladly look at it, and possibly pass it on to G.

Indeed.  :)


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