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Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Fri Jul 20 15:25:50 EDT 2007


> Otherwise, maybe Nitro really does need a little "Glue".

yes, good points.  Feature creep isn't such a nice thing to have and
with so many different things within Facets a little harsh organization
can't hurt.

> There is one other issue I need to bring up about dependencies. Facets
> 2.0 is a major overhaul. And a few things are being separated out to
> make Facets a stronger, leaner package. First among them are all the
> web related libs. I've moved those to a new project I'm pretty sure
> will be called "Blow" (Block+Web), unless someone else has a much
> better name. So Nitro will at least have this additional dependency
> besides.

I honestly don't have the overview over the dependencies within Nitro
which lead to Facets...

But, I kinda like "Blow".  :)  Don't get too cought up in naming issues
I'm waiting for Nitro 0.49 which will go out very early after you
release Facets 2.0.  :)  At least I hope so, /me pokes G to work on
specs.  :P
/me pokes busy busy Arne too :P

> Along with that there may be two more dependencies -- 1) I'm
> debating whether to make all the CLI utilities a separate project, and
> 2) I'm creating a new project that houses English grammer and language
> related libs, like inflect.rb. I guess this project will just be
> called "English". There are a lot of advantages in having a separate
> project for this kinds of thing which ultimately could lead to a very
> strong library of natural language processing.

> If Nitro is still
> insisting on pluralizing table names (something I always thought was a
> waste of good cpu cycles personally), then that will be additional
> required dependency.

Og never pluralizes tables (and never did).  What it does use pluralize
for is for creating nice relation names.

class Forum
   has_many User


And no, I don't feel like we're wasting cycles here.  ;)  It's merely the
Og way, which makes it feel so good.  :)  (Those methods are generated at
boot time via eval, so no runtime wasting going on here.)


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