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Trans transfire at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 12:59:06 EDT 2007

On Jul 19, 11:30 pm, "Jonathan Buch" <j... at oxyliquit.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Where does Raw fit in?
> Raw is the parts which drive the controllers, the templating and provides
> the general runtime, views etc.  It is what most of the old nitro was.
> nitro is the 'how a Nitro application is started' and provides additional
> libraries (like the admin/ part, a mailer and Aspects (reminds me, why
> aren't those in facets, as they look kinda like they'd belong there)).
> Like I told G on irc, I dunno if it was worth throwing out glue and
> yet creating enother dependency, but that's just me.  :)

I just thought maybe it should be in the depictions somewhere. But
thanks for
the explanation. I agree with you, basically. I understand the how the
split is nice from a developers point of view, but I don't see why it
needs to be a package. If the package can't do anything on it's own,
then that makes no sense. So why not just have a raw/ subdirectory
under nitro/ instead? Or, maybe go the other way. Move all the stuff
currently in Nitro over to Raw and then have Nitro just be a meta-
package (like Rails is for it's Action* and Active* components).

Aspects is in Facets, btw. I think there's some differences between
Nitro's version and Facets' version though that have yet to be worked
out. Actually there a couple of libs like that. That's kind of a
outstanding issue. If we have a lib that is used by all of nitro (raw/
og) but is still specific to nitro (ie. not general enough for
Facets), where does it go? My feeling is that this indicates an red
flag -- That the lib should probably be re-examined to see if it can
in fact be be generalized. My bet is that it can, but if not, then I
think we make an exception and have two copies, one in Og and one in
Raw/Nitro. Otherwise, maybe Nitro really does need a little "Glue".

There is one other issue I need to bring up about dependencies. Facets
2.0 is a major overhaul. And a few things are being separated out to
make Facets a stronger, leaner package. First among them are all the
web related libs. I've moved those to a new project I'm pretty sure
will be called "Blow" (Block+Web), unless someone else has a much
better name. So Nitro will at least have this additional dependency
besides. Along with that there may be two more dependencies -- 1) I'm
debating whether to make all the CLI utilities a separate project, and
2) I'm creating a new project that houses English grammer and language
related libs, like inflect.rb. I guess this project will just be
called "English". There are a lot of advantages in having a separate
project for this kinds of thing which ultimately could lead to a very
strong library of natural language processing. If Nitro is still
insisting on pluralizing table names (something I always thought was a
waste of good cpu cycles personally), then that will be additional
required dependency.


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