[Nitro] how to initialize @color and make it visible into the template?

arne at arnebrasseur.net arne at arnebrasseur.net
Wed Jul 18 03:51:07 EDT 2007

Jo said:
> Learning a framework from the inside just takes time and practice, good
> developer tools help greatly, 'find in project', big help.

Spending an hour or so to read the texinfo manual of find/grep can also be
time well spent.

> I have a few graphs for Nitro here, describing part of the Nitro
> structure,
> maybe I can dig those up and hand them to you.. (If I can find them.)
> Making a graph of scopes for template/elements/controllers would fit right
> there, I'll try to make that.

This kind of stuff would be really useful. Higher level documentation
doesn't get outdated so fast, and is especially helpful for people first
looking at the source.

> Amen.  :)

Amen ^_^


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