[Nitro] Nitro Week

Jonathan Buch john at oxyliquit.de
Wed Jul 18 02:56:02 EDT 2007


> What is your proposal  ?

my proposal is that we both think about on how this can be resolved.  :)

>> So basically the issue here is the .saved? reacting on the 'wrong  
>> input'.
>> What are we gonna do?
> Hmm..this needs some thought...

Exactly.  :P

> BTW, I just talk we Tom. He proposed that we synchronize the release of
> Nitro 0.50.0 with the release of Facets 2.0. I kind of agree. One of the
> major features of 0.50.0 is that it catches up with the latest facets  
> (1.8.0)
> It would be not nice if one week after the release of Nitro, Facets  
> jumped again to a new version with a different structure. Plus it gives
> us some more time.

Yeah, this is a good point, we'd regret it if we didn't wait for facets

> I will postpone the Nitro week for a bit, but still I plan to work this  
> week on Nitro cleanup, bug fixing, and probably some new features (that
> I need for my projects).

Yes, please do so.  :)  (remember the specs!  I know you don't like them,
but they _are_ useful ;) )


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