[Nitro] about rake test

Jimmy Jazz Jimmy.Jazz at gmx.net
Sun Jul 8 15:35:12 EDT 2007


Also, rake context test won't work until I added require
"facets/more/ann" in og/lib/og/relation/has_many.rb. Perhaps it is a
simple oblivion or i sadly corrupt my nitro installation :).

* cgi/cookie doesn't work either and complains about a bad timestamp
that doesn't use the http1.1 format.

#<Process::Status: pid=16046,exited(0)>

ArgumentError in 'Raw::Cookie should report expire timestamp in the
format used by HTTP/1.1 (rfc2616)'
invalid value for Integer: "08"
/usr/lib64/ruby/1.8/timeout.rb:48:in `timeout'

* controller returns a warning about

./raw/lib/raw/compiler.rb:58: warning: multiple values for a block
parameter (0 for 1)
        from ./raw/lib/raw/controller/publishable.rb:36


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