[Nitro] Running specs

Aureliano Calvo aurelianocalvo at yahoo.com.ar
Sun Jul 8 09:18:48 EDT 2007

> > I'm trying to run the automated tests for nitro but I'm not being
> > successfull.
> >
> > When I run "rake test/nitro" or "rake test/raw" or "rake test/og" I
> > get the following error:
> > /home/aure/nitro/script/lib/spec.rb:18: uninitialized constant
> > Spec::VERSION (NameError)

I've found the error:
My ruby include path included the /home/aure/nitro/script/lib folder.
When 'spec.rb' required 'spec' it required itself instead of the gem.

> It's `rake test:raw` not `rake test/raw`.

Ups! my mistake.

> When it says '0 specs' like that, some precondition failed, basically
> it can't run the spec at all.  You'll get the errors at then end, when
> all specs ran through.

> You can also access single specs by doing
> `rake test:raw:controller:caching`.  (It's just the path to the file).

Right now it's working :-D.

$ rake test:raw:controller:caching
(in /home/aure/nitro)
Please install systemu for better-looking results
Running caching...         [   2 specs - all passed ]
2 examples, 0 failures

No failing examples, let's add some tests!

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