[Nitro] [OG] eval and style

nyarly at gmail.com nyarly at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 17:35:01 EST 2007

Having just done a darcs get of the repo, I'm realizing that my
initial need to submit patches has already been fixed by moving the
attr_* methods to ann_attr in facets (which, incidentally is eval'ing
strings to extend classes...)

I'd been willing to make some of these changes as I run across them.
The current big one I see is in og/store/sql.rb where:

...  klass.module_eval %{
      def og_insert(store)
        #{insert_advices :pre, :og_insert, klass, :advices}
        #{insert_sql sql, klass}
        #{insert_advices :post, :og_insert, klass, :advices}

  # The insert sql statements.

  def insert_sql(sql, klass)
    store.exec "#{sql}"
    @#{klass.primary_key} = store.last_insert_id

should probably become something like

klass.instance_eval do
      def og_insert(store)
        #replace insert_advices :pre, :og_insert, klass, :advices
        store.exec sql
        @primary_key = store.last_insert_id
        #replace insert_advices :post, :og_insert, klass, :advices

Or, as Trans was suggesting, a module inclusion to minimize the
dynamic code.  A pleasant side benefit would be that og_insert would
suddenly have rdoc!


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