[Nitro] New Nitro dispatcher proposal

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 05:39:21 EST 2007

> This is only true with Webrick (as far as I skimmed the code).

no, it  works for mongrel and fastcgi too.

> I propose the following change:
> >
> > If the uri contains no extension automatically add the .html extension
> > Does the file pointed to by the uri exist?
> >   - yes ? -> the request is handled by the front web server
> >   - no? -> the request is handled by Nitro (append x at the end of the
> > extension)
> I would rewrite that to:
> - Does the file to uri exist?
>    - yes : handled by webserver
>    - no : handled by nitro
> - append .html to uri
>    Does the file to uri exist?
>    - yes : handled by webserver

you can't go back to the web server.

   - no : handled by nitro, remove .html
> - handle(webserver | nitro) according to above

you have to pre-apply the html extension. I want the webserver to check for
the (potentially cached) version first and only then proxy to nitro.

The 'always append .html' because we can't reliably check what is a file-
> extension and what is not, it just doesn't work out in all cases.

I can't see the problem.

> For example:
> >
> > if request.uri == index, Nitro searches for
> >
> >   index -> index.html
> >   index.html (front)
> >   index.htmlx / index action (nitro)
> >   content_type = text/html
> How do you translate from .htmlx to 'index' again?

index.htmlx -> index__html == index
screen.cssx -> screen__css

Isn't __ right now used for / ?  How would you 'choose' between those
> modes?

hmm you are right here, we have to find another way to encode this. In fact
there is a better solution
(what Rails does btw): pass the extension as a content type, ie both


trigger the same action (my_action)  but nitro setups a special content_type
parameter. and you can use code like this:

def my_action
  ...common code here...
  case request.content_type
    when 'html'
    when 'xml'

What would happen with types Nitro doesn't recognize as 'templateable'?
> Like '.jpg' (maybe dynamic captcha images)?

dynamic.jpg -> dynamic.jpgx -> dynamic(content = jpg)

> Would this 'x' appending simplify nitro internal code or would it add
> another layer of indirection?

the x just denotes a template, ie:

htmlx = a template that generates html
cssx = a template that generates css
xmlx = a template that generates xml

> I would love to hear your thoughts on this new scheme.
> Always :P


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