[Nitro] [BUG] Error creating ticket on nitroproject.org

Malte Milatz malte at gmx-topmail.de
Mon Jan 15 15:46:04 EST 2007

Jonathan Buch:
> On Mon, 15 Jan 2007 19:33:22 +0100, Joshua Hoke <nitro at tap.homeip.net> wrote:
> > It looks like someone else also ran into various problems, and made a
> > page about it on the Wiki here:
> > http://www.nitroproject.org/wiki/pages/Errors
> haha, lovely.  :D  (actually no, but you get the drift :P)
> Generally it is most beneficial to post errors, bug reports and so on here
> on the mailing list where it has the broadest audience.  This could maybe
> mentioned on the tickets page... but then, what's the use of it.  :P
> [...]
> Just thinking aloud, more ideas?

My vote would be for trashing anything on the website which is not
useful documentation, redirecting anyone to the mailing list and its
archives for more information.  The wiki and the ticket tracker may be
archived, but right now they really are not usable as active information
resources.  I suppose that people look for or need to be informed about

     1. up-to-date online rdocs,
     2. what Nitro is (introductory sentences),
     3. library downloads,
     4. the repository URL,
     5. mailing list / IRC channel,
     6. whatever important thing I've forgotten in this quick list.

Only the first and the third item of this list receive the prominence
they deserve on the Nitro home page.  Especially people looking for (2)
can be easily scared off by malfunctioning hyperlinks.

So long, Malte

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