[Nitro] [BUG] Error creating ticket on nitroproject.org

Joshua Hoke nitro at tap.homeip.net
Mon Jan 15 08:50:05 EST 2007


I just tried to create a ticket for a couple bugs on
www.nitroproject.org and got a rather unhelpful page saying
"(error)". Checking back on the tickets listing, my ticket doesn't seem
to have appeared, either.

Here are the contents of the ticket I tried to create:

Categories: www.nitroproject.org
Title: Wiki generates incorrect revision history
Type: defect
Status: open
Priority: minor
    The Programming Nitro page[1], which I just edited a few minutes ago
    (on January 15, 2007) incorrectly says that my edit was on July 3,


    On the history page[2], it correctly says "X minutes ago", but
    incorrectly attributes my edit to lionel.

    [2] http://www.nitroproject.org/wiki/revisions/23

There are some other unpolished areas on the site, too. Is the source
code for the site itself available?


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